Claudio Lugli

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The Claudio Lugli Range

They say that you should go big and bold or go home and there is nothing subtle about the Claudio Lugli shirts. These are big and bold and will certainly get you noticed when you’re out.

There is nothing discrete about the  Claudio Lugli shirts even the plain white range are not that plain. Of course in a good way with attention to detail everywhere your look. They usually come with bold contrasting trim.

The Philosophy Of The Lugli Shirt

Each bold printed shirt in 100% satin cotton are all limited runs. So when a  Claudio Lugli shirt is gone its gone. We aim to be exclusive and so should you, don’t compromise be the best you can be. Lugli shirts are designed so you can express yourself, don’t stand with the crowd stand out from the crowd.

Tom Dick and Harry Menswear

As the  Claudio Lugli shirts are limited print and each one as individual as the next these shirts do not stay in stock long. If you have any question on any of the Tom Dick Harry shirt range please give us a call. Or visit or shop in Falkirk where we are always happy to help. 01324 227977

 Claudio Lugli Shirts Size Guide

The Lugli shirt range is designed to be accessible to everyone. Everyone should own at least one of these limited shirts. Size’s range from Small (Collar size 14 – 14.5 inch) (Chest 36 to 38 inch). Up to 6XL (Collar size 22 – 22.5) (Chest 54 inch) and every size in-between.